IPSY August 2016

If you haven’t heard yet, IPSY is a pretty awesome beauty subscription box.

I’ve always liked makeup, but I haven’t really used it often.  I’ve started to play around with makeup more recently and decided it would be fun to sign up for IPSY to try different things.  Who doesn’t love a surprise after all!

I signed up on the second or third day of the month, and when I realized I may not receive a bag that month I reached out to the customer service.  I have to say, they have amazing customer service!  Before I even asked, they offered to start me that month instead of waiting another full month.

The first of every month I get excited to see what the bag looks like.  I then watch every day in hopes to get a glimpse of what I may be receiving in my bag.  When I get the shiny pink envelope in the mail it almost feels like Christmas, even though I already know what’s in my bag.


August 2016 was my first bag – I received the green hair bag, I love it!  Here is my review:

Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes – I LOVE THESE!  The smell is amazing, they left my face feeling clean, and they did better than the brand I was using before.  I will defiantly be buying these again.  UPDATE: I was shopping at ROSS Dress for Less and SO excited to see these on sale for $4 for a 60 pack.  I snatched up three different scents and I’ll be set for months!

Trust Fund Beauty Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye – It’s not bad.  I love lipstick in general but I hate how quickly most tend to wear off.  I do like the color and I’ll defiantly continue to use it; however, this is not one that I would go out of my way to buy more.

Formula X Nail Polish in Dollface – I like the color, it’s cute, but it’s nail polish.  I will still use this, but once it’s up I may not buy anymore.  Honestly, I’d be OK if they didn’t include nail polish in the glam bags.  This is one thing that I hear the most complaints about on the message boards.

Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel – I looked up videos and was excited to try this.  This is not something I would recommend or even buy again.  It almost feels more like a gimmick than anything.

NYX Professional Makeup BORN TO GLOW LIQUID ILLUMINATOR in Gleam or Sunbeam – My first impression is that I’m putting on liquid glider.  I’m going to keep giving this a little try, but honestly I don’t see myself using this again.


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