IPSY October 2016

If you haven’t heard yet, IPSY is a pretty awesome beauty subscription box.

I have to admit, I love the bag, not so much with the stuff in it.  I love that it’s a soft pink with cool designs, the only thing that would make the bag even cooler is the black parts glowed in the dark!  BOO!

theBalm Cosmetics CabanaBoy Blush – This is OK.  I like the container it’s in, seems to have a magnet to keep it closed.  I do like that it’s a smaller size, so I will keep it in my makeup bag.  The color is OK.

Trust Fund Beauty Gimme Good Face – Face Primer – Wow, defiantly not the right product for my face!  I’ve never used face primer before so I actually looked it up.  I was excited to try this, but I’m glad it’s a small tube.  A little goes a long way!  It seemed to go on OK, but after I put my foundation on you could see my pores!  My face also didn’t seem to like it, needless to say I removed it after a few hours.

NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Liner in Vivid Gunmetal – I have never ever used liquid eye liner.  This stuff is SO difficult to put on!  It’s not the brand, or the style…liquid eye liner is just not an easy thing to put on.  I will keep trying, because I have always liked silver or lighter colors on my eyelids.  After a few uses, this is by far one of my favorite products!

Pure Brazilian Leave In Miracle – I really would prefer IPSY to not send me anything that goes in my hair.  With that said, I still decided to try it.  It’s OK.  I will keep trying it out, but with my experiments with my hair it’s hard to give this a good try and know how it would actually help.  Maybe I’ll do a better review of it along with the rest of my hair later.  The more I used this, the more I started to love it!  I loved it so much I decided to try out the Shampoo and Conditioner!

JoShik Polish LUXE – This is my second nail polish; I do use nail polish but I hope I don’t keep getting too many.  I’m hoping down voting will eventually return LESS polish, we will see.  The color is pretty good; I like it to go with the Halloween bag.  For my youngest birthday I introduced her to Clair’s’ and the trip involved bringing home some glow in the dark nail polish.  I will probably add a layer of glow in the dark to the top of this purple for the rest of the month, then this will go in the stash for my little one.

I have to admit; after three bags I’m really enjoying using them to help organize my large purse!  I have always used smaller purses but decided to switch to something bigger more recently.  I feel like it’s always difficult to find the right things.  All the bags each month have really help out!


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