The Body Shop Clay Mask and Oil

I love face masks, but it’s been years since I’ve used one. Recently I purchased an Amazon Beauty Box that came with a credit towards different products. I used my credit towards The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Cleaning Clay Mask. I love Tea Tree so I just had to try this one and I’m glad I did because it smells amazing!

My skin is dry and slightly irritated during the winter months, today is one of the colder days with extra dry skin. When I first applied it I could feel a tingling on my face, not the best tingling but slightly irritated. After a minute it went away. If you have sensitive skin, defiantly try a little amount first.

After about ten minutes my skin started to feel tight, like what you feel with most masks. It feels really good, but doesn’t get as tight as some masks I’ve used in the past. I lost track of time and ended up keeping it on for thirty minutes.

After using the face mask I decided to give one of the Amazon Beauty Box samples a try. After washing off my clay mask I put on The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate. My face felt amazing and soft after the mask. The Drops of Youth Concentrate didn’t really smell like much and it felt like any other oil when putting it on my face. My face still felt nice and soft after, but nothing else.

I will continue to use the Clay Mask, but I wouldn’t spend more money on the Drops of Youth Concentrate.


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  1. This sounds so good, I’ll definitely give it a try! great post xx

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