IPSY January 2017 Review

January is a great month, not because every of winter but because it’s my Birthday month.  With that in mind, I was really hoping this would be an amazing bag!  Getting the concealer is a huge help towards making this an awesome bag, and overall I’m really happy this month!

The bag itself is really cool.  I loves the blue outside layer!  I’m a little disappointed in the inside layer, it feels really plasticity.  It looks nice, so I’m not complaining!

Lasting Smiles Lip Balm in Passionfruit Mango: This is a full size, I found it at target for $3.99.  It goes on really smooth and will be a great lip balm for winter!  It also has a creamy texture and stayed on pretty long so far.  I love lip balm and this will defantly be added to my list of acceptable brands to buy!

Pacifica BLUSHIOUS in Wildrose: It looks like this is the full size, costing $12 for this .10 oz blush.  I really like this one!  It’s a nice light shade, so it will go really well when I want a natural look (which is most days!).  I tried to show the color, but because it’s light it’s hard to tell.  When looking at the bottom pic you will see a little shiny, that’s how it went on.  Light, but nice!  The container is really cute and I love when the containers stand out.

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Fantasy 3-in-1 Eyeshadow: It looks like the full size, if it is worth $19.00. I’m going to start off with my biggest complaint.  I can’t open it!  Ok, I can, but it’s REALLY hard to open.  I may file down the clasp a bit becasue I had to use my teeth to open it, my nails would just bend and my fingers still hurt!  Overall I like the color, I think it would make a nice blush too.  If I can figure out how to make it easy to open, I will use this more often.

Ciate London GELOLOGY Top Coat: This is the full size worth $17.00.  I’m going to start with saying I was really disappointed to see this.  I don’t really use nail polish much at all.  For work I’m at a computer all day typing, so when I paint my nails they don’t last more than a few days.  If I pay to get them done they MIGHT last a week.  I do LOVE to paint my toe nails.  I decided to paint them today while I waited for my bag to be delivered so I could give the Top Coat a try.  I will say, I’m actually pretty happy with it.  For a top coat, it’s probably one of the best (if not the best).  We will see how long it will last, but it went on really nice and seems like it’s going to be pretty good.  The brush is really cool!  It’s flat (I tried to show in the images below), because of that it went on really nice.  If the rest of the polish is like that I may actually buy a color or two from them.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination Anti-Aging Concealer: This is a sample, it’s .05 oz.  The full size is .28 and currently costs $33.90, making the sample cost around $6.80 (Not exact, just rounding).  Let’s get this party started!  I will confess that I have not used concealer before.  I gave it a good first try and took before and after pics.  I will continue to try a few more times to see if I can try some of the tips to help it work better.  I will also note that I was rushed when I gave it a try, I really wanted to try it today but only had a little bit of time before heading out.  It is thick, creamy, and went on really well!  I do really like it so far, but I do plan on trying some more concealer and doing more posts in the next few months.

Below is the before and after pic, it did help some but it’s not perfect.

That’s it!  Overall I’m really happy with this bag!  Now to wait and see what’s in Feb’s bag!


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