J.R. Liggett’s Bar Shampoo Review

J.R. Liggett’s got great reviews and people with different hair types all seemed to like it, so I figured that’s a great place to start.

Joboba & Peppermint was the first one I tried, the first time was amazing! I had no clue how to really use it at first, but that didn’t matter. The first time my scalp felt amazing! After one use my scalp stopped itching. Let’s go ahead and say this isn’t related to the specific shampoo bar, but rather shampoo bars in general. Regardless of which one I tried first, I would have had the same experience. My scalp did tingle the first time, but after the first week it stopped doing that.   Once I figured out how to rinse it out correctly this was great, but it wasn’t so great that I wanted to not try another bar shampoo. After trying this I gave Beauty and the Bees sample box a try. That post is next, I’ll link to it here once it’s live.

Moisturizing Formula was the second one I tried of J.R Liggett’s. I decided to try this for two reasons, (1) because it was the moisturizing formula and I was hoping that it would help with frizz and (2) because it is an Amazon Subscribe and Save item. So far this is my favorite bar shampoo, I plan on using this as my core bar shampoo going forward. I will continue to try different bar shampoo, but this will always be in my bathroom. It did help with frizz similar to the Moroccan Mud (from Beauty and the Bees), but in general I just liked it better.

I plan on continuing to try different brands, and there are a few Beauty and the Bees bar shampoo that I want to try (like the apple cider one).  I also can’t wait to try the Tea Tree Hemp Oil bar from J.R. Liggett’s.  In general you can’t go wrong with either of the two brands, both have great bar shampoo.  J.R. Liggett’s seems to have more traditional ones with proven formulas. Beauty and the Bees has more unique formulas but I’ve found they are a little more hit or miss for me.  If I get one of the J.R. Liggetts Bar Shampoos I know they will work well with my hair.

One final thing to note, with any soap bar you will want some sort of soap dish or soap saver.  J.R. Liggett’s has a nice wooden one.  I thought about buying it, but then at dollar tree I found a plastic one that has been working great!


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