Healthy Lunches Prep

I feel like this was a really productive week, the only downside is even though I was on my feet most of the day the step count was low.  

Week days I bring my lunch to work, some days I get lazy and end up eating un-healthy processed food.  I’ve done a lot of soups recently, but I’ve been trying to keep the fat content down.  Making soup takes time and I was looking for something different.

My lunches have consisted of a protein (Fish or Chicken), and veggies.  

Veggies are simple, put baby carrots in a sandwich size ziplock bag – I typically make at least 5 bags (one for each day).  At lunch time I just rinse out the carrots if they aren’t still wet, then I place them in my Potato Bag and microwave for four minutes.  If I’m hungry I’ll add a small/baby Potato into the mix.  When I cook the potato too, I will rinse off the potato and cook just the potato for about two minutes.  If the potato is larger I will cook it for three minutes.  Then I add the Carrotts in the bag with the potatos and cook for four more minutes.  If you want to know what a potato bag is, check out this post on my crafts blog.

Chicken is also pretty easy.  I typically pick two packages of chicken and fill the pan.  I always cook the chicken with spices, salt and pepper plus anything else I’m feeling like.  I’ve gone for sweeter some times and spicy others, I like to mix the flavor up.  I cook at 350 for an hour, let cool, then put in sandwich ziplock bags and freeze.  I try to make enough to last at least two weeks.  I like freezing it because then I can keep it in my lunch box without putting them in the fridge, it only takes about 30-60 seconds to warm up at lunch time.

Fish is also fairly easy, I choose to boil so I don’t need to add any fat to cook.  I will add at least half a pan of water (or more if they are larger pieces of fish) and I boil for ten minutes.  Once cooked I will drain the water and let the pan cool before putting in a sandwich size ziplock bag.  With fish I only cook what I will eat that week and store it in the fridge.  I re-heat it at work for 30-60 minutes, then I add seasioning before eating it.

Now my freezer is stocked with Chicken and I’m all set for the week.  I also got suppers for the week prepped and ready for the crockpot, but that’s another post.


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