E.L.F, theBalm, and more Product Reviews soon!

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I am still around!  I’ve had some fun lately exploring more E.L.F. products and most recently theBalm products!  A few weeks ago I started a few posts reviewing some E.L.F. product reviews, but life got in the way.

I’ve become obsessed with checking out the makeup isle at every store I step foot in so when I was at Kohls this past weekend I noticed they had theBalm products.  After trying the cabanaBoy blush I’ve been excited to try more.  I also LOVE the look of the products; they just look fun!  When I searched for typical price and review of theBalm powder foundation I noticed that Kohls has a deal if you spend $25 on theBalm products you get a free gift!

I really needed some good powder foundation so I decided to give it a try and picked up some PHOTOBALM powder foundation.  Kohls website had a mini eyeshadow as the free gift, but the store promoted a mini lip-gloss, the store had both so I chose the mini lip-gloss.  I’m very excited to review my two theBalm products, it may trump my E.L.F. reviews sitting in the Drafts.

My IPSY glam bag is also out for delivery!  It’s always exciting when to see the status moved to “out for delivery”, it estimated Thursday for the delivery day!  It’s going to be a fun weekend playing with new makeup and hopefully finishing up several new posts!


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