E.L.F. Shopping Spree – Lips

I was shopping at Woodmans and decided it was about time to check out the makeup, mostly out of general curiosity.  They had a pretty good E.L.F. selection, all for a reasonable price!  I picked up six new things to try out, three lip stains, two mascara, and one foundation brush.  To keep the post from getting too long, I’m going to split it up into two.

I’m going to start with the lip stain, I was immediately drawn to this because I have the Nude Nectar and I’m in love!  I didn’t realize what color I had until I got home, but it never hurts to have a backup!  I picked up every color on the shelf, so I have Nude Nectar, Crimson Crush, and Pink Petal.

The one thing I want to note with this lipstain is that it can dry out my lips a bit, but that’s where I put my favorite lip balm on top of it.  You also need to get rid of all the dead skin on your lips before using, if you don’t it will show.

One of my favorite things about E.L.F. lip stain is that it’s like a marker with a nice fine tip at the end.  It makes it easy to line the lips before filling it in.  It was weird using it at first, I felt like I was back in elementary school giving myself a tattoo!

Nude Nectar – I really like this color, it’s a really nice red and goes with most of what I have.  It’s a little darker than the pink petal but both are great for every day use.

Crimson Crush – This is a nice dark red, I love dark red lip colors and I have a feeling this will look great with one of my new dresses!  I really like the dark red colors, so this is one that will be used often.

Pink Petal – This is a nice soft pink. It looks darker on me than I would expect, but this is a color I could see myself wearing with almost anything.

Here is the post on the Mascara and Eye Lash Curler


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