E.L.F. Shopping Spree – Mascara and Eyelash Curler

I was shopping at Woodmans and decided it was about time to check out the makeup, mostly out of general curiosity.  They had a pretty good E.L.F. selection, all for a reasonable price!  I picked up six new things to try out, three lip stains, two mascara, and one foundation brush.  To keep the post from getting too long, I’m going to split it up into two three.  I’m adding another post because I’ve gone E.L.F. crazy…I bought another brush, eyelash curler, and face powder.

I have never used an eyelash curler before, so I decided it was about time I picked one up.  I could have picked one up at the dollar store, but with my E.L.F. obsession I decided to fork up the extra dollar for my E.L.F. eyelash curler.

I’m very happy with it, it feels like it’s great quality and came with an extra black rubber “thing”.  I can’t really compare it to others, but it was a bit weird to use it at first because I blink a lot when my eyelashes hit things.  By the second try I had it all figured out and it really does make a big difference!  I do use this all the time now!

I’m pretty new to Mascara, I’ve only tried out one and I’ve been crossing my fingers I get another one every month from IPSY.  Until recent years I’ve always worn glasses, and as someone blessed with long eyelashes I was always afraid of getting black streaks on my glasses!

I was drawn to the clear mascara mostly because it was had one side for the brow and one for the lash.  I also love how each side is clear, so you can see the inside!  After the first use I was really disappointed.  The eye brow brush is too big and it didn’t really help at all.  I didn’t notice a difference.  I don’t think I will use this again, and after trying this I think I’ll steer clear of clear mascara.  I am; however, still on a hunt for the perfect brow product.

I had to get a black mascara and try it out!  After taking it out of the package I was really impressed with the container.  It’s looks really nice, clean and crisp!  I love that it does not go on clumpy and is pretty easy to remove with my makeup wipes.  Being blessed with darker eyelashes, I’m never sure if it’s worth spending the time on mascara.  After trying this I’ve decided it is worth it!  I will continue to replace this, but I’m also on the hunt for others to try!  I like this a lot better than the other mascara I received in my IPSY bag, this works amazing!

I tried really hard to get a good comparison of how the eyelash curler and mascara helps, but taking pictures of just my eyes, or at least decent pictures is difficult.  Below is the best I could get.  The top set of eyes is my normal eyes, the middle row of eyes is what it looks like with just the eyelash curler, and the bottom set of eyes is with the eyelashes curled and with the black ELF mascara.  If I put another layer of Mascara on the eyelashes they do stand out a little more.  I look forward to trying different Mascara’s and seeing if any work better than E.L.F.

Here is the post on Lips


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