I finally tried both masks and it was a huge disappointment!  After using them I’ve decided I really need to search for better masks.  Below is my overall review, but I much prefer my clay mask over both of the sheet masks!

Green mask – I tried this one first.  It was really weird putting the sheet mask on!  I felt like it kept slipping under my chin. It was a bit big in the forehead and ended up going on my hair a bit.  I wore it for about 45 minutes, I left it on because it felt cool and refreshing.  I think it would feel amazing in the summer.  I fanned my face a little and it felt pretty nice.  I did rub some of the extra liquid on my face and neck.  

Charcoal mask – I thought the mask was the same as the Green Mask, both not so great.  I ended up breaking out after using the masks.  They both felt nice and refreshing, but overall were not good for my skin.

Overall it was nice and felt good, but I’m not sure if I would do the sheet masks often if at all.  I’ve decided to search for more masks, starting with peel off masks.  I’ve purchased a few recently and expect to have a post up in a few weeks reviewing them.  In general, so far I’m much more impressed with the peel off masks!


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