Getting Healthy – A Slow, but Positive Start

At the end of January, I posted about getting healthy.  Being healthy takes more than just being active and eating healthy, it’s also about keeping your stress in check too.  Stress plays a big role in overall health.  One of the things I’ve been working on over the last few months is trying to reduce un-necessary stressors.  In many cases it’s not something you can do overnight, but taking steps to reduce it could in turn help greatly.

Over the past several years my stress level has increased greatly, with the last year being the worst.  They say sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order to climb out and be stronger, that’s exactly what I feel 2016 was for me.  Before 2017 hit I made a conscious decision that I would change what I can and become the person I was destined to be.

I may not have eliminated all of the “bad” stressors yet, but I am in a much better place than I was last month.  Eating better, sleeping better, and being more active has been the biggest contributor.  I’ve been feeling great, have more energy, and I’m loosing weight slowly (the healthy way)!

Sleep – I’ve been getting much better quality sleep!  With sleeping better I find I’m awake earlier and able to start the day off right.  I’ve been spending my weekend mornings sitting at the local coffee shop getting some well deserved “me” time.

Eating Right – I have been really proud of my eating habits over the last few weeks.  This past weekend I decided to relax a bit more than normal so I didn’t do my typical food prep, but that’s where I’m happy I can freeze extras and have a more open schedule.  I’ve been eating fish for breakfast, chicken and veggies for lunch, fruit for snack, and suppers are anything as long as it’s a small portion.  I’m sure I’ll get sick of fish and chicken, so from time to time I will also eat leftovers or eggs.  I really think high protein in the morning helps a lot.

I’m still getting used to meal prep, hopefully I’ll post more in the next few months as I get a good system down and accumulate more crock pot meals.

Being Active – This is the most difficult one to fit in!  My weekends aren’t always a “high step count”, doing laundry, dishes, and food prep don’t tend to gain me many steps.  Having a desk job can also make it challenging to fit in steps.  Time permitting, I try to take a short walk in the morning and afternoon, and a longer walk during my lunch.  I average around 5,000 steps a day, hopefully I can increase that to 6-7,000 a day over the next two months.  One thing I do find helpful is my Garmin Vivoactive activity tracker, it buzzes when I’m sitting still too much!

I also like to use a ball chair at work, it has helped with my back issues and it’s a lot of fun to bounce to music while I work!

Weight Loss – We have a Garmin scale that syncs with my Garmin app, it makes tracking my weight much easier!  I love just stepping on the scale and have it automatically uploaded to my app.  The other day I was looking at the week by week.  My weight verries a lot day by day, so I like to look at the average for the week.  Since my gallbladder surgery I have lost (and kept off) 10 pounds as of the end of January.  February is not as good, I’m hovering around a total of about 4 pounds for February’s weight loss.  Considering it’s “healthy” to loose about a pound a week, I’m feeling pretty good about it!  Another 10-15 pounds and I think my wedding band and engagement ring may finally fit again!


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