IPSY March 2017 Reveal

It was a bit of a surprise when my bag said I would see what I’m getting on the 5th, then the next day it was changed to the 6th.  I am always really excited to see what I’ll be getting in my bag!  I also love the theme this month Tres Jolie.

The bag looks awesome!  I only hope it’s as good (if not better) in person!  Sometimes the previews look better than the bag itself, I really hope that’s not the case here.  I LOVE rose gold and the different style of bag is pretty awesome!  It looks like it may be bigger as well, I could really use a larger one that would work with my brushes until I make a brush holder.

Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer:  I’m pretty excited about this one, I would love to try another moisturizer.  I hope it works well with somewhat oily skin.  It looks like this one is worth about $3.39

Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush: I love brushes!  I don’t have one like this, so it’s going to go great in my collection!  This is worth $12.

City Color Cosmetics Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector: I really hope that this works well, I’m trying to find the right product for my dark spots.  I couldn’t find a container that looks like the one on the site, so my best guess is this is worth $3.99.

Taste Cosmetics Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint: I was hoping I would get one of these!  I love lip products and would be happy with any of the three!  I’m also not upset about the smaller size, while I always love full size, when it comes to lip products I don’t ever end up using them all up.  Lip Balm is the one exception….I always use them all up!  This looks to be worth about $3.33.

Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa: When the survey first started to circulate, I jumped on it and picked this one as my choice.  I wasn’t “expecting” to get it because I wasn’t invited to choose, but I’m really excited I actually got it!  I could use some more eye shadows, and this one looks so pretty!  I’m estimating this at $8.75.

Overall I’m really happy with my bag this month.  I will say that I think this is one of my lowest value bags yet.  It may be a lower value bag, but I think I will actually use all the products!  No complaints from me!


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