Teddy Soft Bakes Review

I’ve started using CrowdTap about a month or two ago and I was really excited when I started to receive an invite to get free samples!  I didn’t make the cut for the first sample, but my second one was for Teddy Soft Bakes.  For those of you who don’t know what CrowdTap is, it’s a site where you answer surveys and post answers about different products.  Once you hit a specific point value you receive a $5 Amazon gift card, your points reset and you can keep earning more Amazon gift cards.  I just received my third gift card this past week!  What I really like about it is I can play around on the site when I have time, typically watching TV.  Here is the link to CrowdTap if your interested in exploring: http://crowdtap.com/.

I did receive this product for free from my participation from CrowdTap; however, all comments below about how I feel about this product are 100% my own.

Now onto the Review!  I really liked how it came packaged, it was wrapped really nicely and had a CrowdTap post card included.  I also like the packaging on the Teddy Soft Bakes, it opens nicely and closes very easily.  We tend to have a full pantry, so if it closes easily and stays closed I’m a happy mom!

They taste really good!  The outside is a cake type texture with a yummy vanilla filling!  So far only my son and I have tried them and we both absoutly loves them!  I’m not normally a fan of this type of cake filled snack so I wasn’t expecting to like them as much as I did.  I know my little girl will love them, she will defantly play with the bear a bit before eating it.  

One more thing I liked about this snack was it didn’t crumble and make a mess when my son ate it.  Finding snacks to toss in the car or for trips to the zoo can be challenging because I don’t like to deal with lots of crumbs.  

As far as downsides, they do contain 9g of sugars.  I try to limit sugar because the American diet tends to include WAY too much sugar.  It’s not bad, compared to the Twinkie with 19g.  We will still eat them, but one a day is more than enough!

I’m really glad we had the opportunity to try the snack, without the free sample this is just not the type of snack I would have picked up off the shelf for the family.  I do like that companies are starting to come out with treats that are better for you.  We will defantly be buying more!


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