IPSY March 2017 Review

I was really excited this month, the bag was just beautiful and the makeup looked pretty awesome!  This months theme is Tres Jolie, and one of the videos features passing a note from person to person making everyone’s day better.  With the theme what better card to include than a “you are beautiful (pass it on)” note?  

The bag is just as beautiful as it is in the photos, and I love that it’s a larger bag! It’s nice and soft on the solid pink side with the opposite side adding just the right amount of texture.  The rose gold zipper is the perfect finish!  It has a satin lining with a high overall quality feel.  This bag will become my main travel and workout makeup bag!

Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer: It looks like this one is worth about $3.39.  It has a nice thick texture and smells really good!  I have an oily face and don’t use Moisturizer often, so far with my quick test this worked well with my skin type.  Without using this more it’s hard to say if I would buy more.

Beau Gachis Tapered Blending Brush: This is worth $12.  I love brushes! I don’t have one like this, so it’s going to go great in my collection! I haven’t used it yet and plan on doing an overall brush review once I get a few more brushes.  The quality seems nice, but not as good as my Lexie blush brush. 

City Color Cosmetics Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector: I couldn’t find a container that looks like the one on the site, so my best guess is this is worth $3.99.  I really hope that this works well, I’m trying to find the right product for my dark spots. I tested this on my skin and I was pretty impressed!  It has a creamy texture, it’s not just a powder.  It also dries really nice, after a minute it didn’t whipe off easily.

Taste Cosmetics Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint in Delish: This looks to be worth about $3.33.  I was hoping I would get one of these!  I got the middle shade and it’s darker than I would have expected the middle shade to be based on the IPSY product page.  I do like the shade a lot, although I’m starting to get a lot of the same shade now, I’m starting to hope for more of a variety!  The one thing I did like about this is it dried pretty quickly, and I’d didn’t smear too much.  I’ll have to give this one a try tomorrow and see how well it lasts all day!

Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa: I’m not sure if this is a full size or not, but I’m estimating this ne at $8.75.  When the survey first started to circulate, I jumped on it and picked this one as my choice. I wasn’t “expecting” to get it because I wasn’t invited to choose, but I’m really excited I actually got it! I could use some more eye shadows, and this one looks so pretty!  I LOVE that there is a little magnet on the back, it works really nice for travel if you have a compact that can contain multiple different pieces.  It was a little smaller than I expected, so I’m not 100% sure if it is full size or not.  I don’t get eyeshadow much so it’s hard to tell.  The color is really pretty, and it defantly goes on different dry vs wet.  The lighter of the two swatches dry, it took several brushes to get it that dark/pigmented.  

Below is a swatch of the items, all very natural this month and easy to use them all for one amazing look!  I’ll be giving them a try tomorrow, so if I feel up to it I may update with a pic later.  I was so excited to get my bag this month I just wanted to get this post out!


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