E.L.F. Kabuki Brush

I went out of town for the weekend and I wanted a larger brush I could use for foundation that would fit well in my makeup bag.  While buying more peel off face masks I checked out the E.L.F. Brushes and decided to give the Kabuki Brush a try for a whole $6!

The brush is awesome!  My powder foundation went on better with this brush than any others I’ve tried. It’s really soft and fits great in your hand when using.  It also helped get my foundation on much faster, regardless of the brand I think everyone needs a brush like this one!  The E.L.F. Brush is a reasonable price for great quality.  I’m so glad I’ve added this to my brush stash, I’ve been debating getting this brush for a while now and it’s by far my favoriate!


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  1. Loved reading this. đŸ˜€ I haven’t used any ELF products before but these seem so good.

    P.s i have a high end beauty giveaway live on my page! I hope you check it out & enter xox



    1. Amy Elliott says:

      Thanks! I’ll check it out! I’ve been happy with most of the ELF products, this brush being my favorite.

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      1. Fab! I’ll look into these brushes then, anything great quality but also affordable is a bonus!x

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      2. Amy Elliott says:

        The black handle brushes are slightly more but higher quality than the white handle ones. I always like good quality for affordable costs!

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