Makeup Brush Organization

Over a month ago I went to the dollar store in search of the best way to organize my brushes.  I wanted to get some rocks and a glass container to store them.  I didn’t find a jar, so I used an old jam jar.  After using it for a few weeks I found a major issue, because of the top lip the brushes didn’t reall slide in nicely.  I’ve checked several other stores and didn’t find the right jar, finally at Goodwill I found the perfect one!  I’m a huge Coca-Cola fan, so this was exactly what I needed!  I’ve used this new style glass for about a week now and it’s awesome!  It works perfect!  

Because of the bathroom I decided instead of the other glass rocks, I wanted to have terditional rocks because they would look better with the bathroom.  I love this, it helps keep my brushes clean and organized!  My next brush related item is finding a good silicon cleaning mat.  


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