Health Update!

March is almost over and it’s been three months since my surgery.  I’ve lost about twenty pounds and my wedding band is really close to fitting!  The last two to three weeks have really helped me get out of this slump and I’ve not only seen a difference but I’ve felt a difference.

This week I started a new job and one of the many amazing benefits includes a really nice gym on site.  I’m carpooling with my husband and getting to work an hour and half early every day so it’s hard not to make the effort to workout before work.  It’s even harder to skip if you put your workout clothing on and pack your work clothes!  I worked out three days this a week and my numbers were all 6-8K steps.  I even started to run a bit and I didn’t have any of the issues I’ve had in the past!  I’m still horribly out of shape but in time I’m hoping to be able to run more.  Achieving 10K steps a day is defantly getting better, and I think in 3-6 months I will be there.

I also wanted to find more family friendly things that are active.  About a year ago my oldest had a birthday party at SkyZone, a trampoline park.  It was fun, but I was horribly out of shape for it!  We went again about a month ago and it was a huge blast!  I was still really out of shape but much better than last time.  They even added other activities there like an obstacle course that was pretty fun (and my youngest totally rocked!).  My hope is that once things settle down a bit, to start going there once a month.  

Another activity that will start to happen more frequently are trips to the airfield with the kids.  It doesn’t get a lot of steps, but it promotes a healthy lifestyle!  If I help with search and rescue (using my Phantom 4) I may end up with a more steps as we track down the crashed plane.  

With my change in employment status I’m finally starting to have a little more free time.  I ended up having a couple of days off between jobs that allowed me to cross off three different projects from my to-do list.  I made bunny bags for Easter, activity bags for the kids, and two cloth baskets for my closet.  My next sewing projects will include coasters (hoping to make them today), a gym/laptop bag (I’m going to start this today), and a lunch box.  I’m also starting the research on what it takes to design and build a model airplane.

The hardest part is changing the eating habits for the family.  We are eating out a lot less, but it’s still not home made.  We do a few crock pot meals, but still eat a lot of processed stuff.  When I was shopping last weekend I came across family sized bags of frozen meals that you fry up in a pan.  It’s not perfect, but it is better than eating out every day.  I still want to work on more “fun” things this weekend, but next weekend I will start to organize different crock pot freezer meals.

I’m still doing really good with portion control.  I’m eating yogurt with chocolate peanut butter protein powder for breackfast, a piece of chicken and steamed carrots for lunch, and a small plate for dinner.  I finding it difficult to eat too fast or eat too much, I think my stomach has finally adjusted to smaller (normal sized) portions.  

In general I’m doing really well!  I have a long way to go, but it feels good when you start to notice the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  I have a few more posts scheduled (and one more to finish up), if I go quiet for a bit I’m just enjoying life and working on new material for my blog.  I’m still taking my weekend “Me” time at the local coffee shop, so hopefully I’ll at least get a post out a week until I have more time again.


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