Pre-Pack Lunches for Spring Break

Spring Break is always more stressful because there is so much more that needs to happen that week.  The kids need to bring a lunch and swim suit (that obviously won’t last all week without washing).  

This week’s prep for the kids lunch went really well, it feels so good to have that done because mornings are insane.  The last thing I want to do is forget to get the kids lunches ready.  Sometimes we do left over pizza, this week we made sandwitches.  I freeze both so they last longer and are thawed and ready to eat by lunch.

Sandwich prep was super easy.  I used two loafs of bread, two packages of sliced cheese, and three different types of sandwich meat.  We had enough for the week plus six extra sandwiches in the freezer for other last minutes days or other kids days out.

The kids helped too!  My youngest put the teddy grams in ten bags and my oldest put a pickle in ten bags and the cut up peppers. They both wrote there name on five bags.  Each bag is filled with a juice bottle, apple sauce, and teddy grams.  The sandwitches are in the freezer and veggies and pickles in the fridge ready to toss in each morning.

If you like sandwiches and take cold lunches to work, this is the best way to get many prepared and ready for the week.  


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