Freeman Poor Clearing Peel-Off Mask Review

This facemask is marketed towards Men, but, I love face masks and I’m excited to try a Poor Cleaning Peel-Off Face Mask!  This was a gift from the Easter Bunny, who obviously knows me well!

The Freeman Poor Clearing Peel-Off Mask is made with Volcanic Ask and flames to clears, Refines, & Tones Pores.  Let’s see how well it does!

My First impressions are positive, it’s defantly one of the better peel-off face masks.  It smells nice and isn’t too over powering.  The scent is defantly geared towards men, which honestly I don’t mind at all!  It went on well and covered nicely, I even had some extras that I tossed out after covering my neck!  The instructions also state to leave on for 10-15 minutes, I find with all of the freeman peel-off masks that I need to leave on for at least 30 minutes before it’s dry.  Maybe I just layer it on too thick?

It peeled off pretty nice, and it defantly took off more than just dirt.  It seemed to take off more small hairs than other gunk in pores.  My face did feel really nice after and I would defantly use this again!  I’m very happy with this face mask, it will stay on the top of my list!


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