7th Heaven Green Tea Peel-Off Mask Review

I was a bit disappointed in the last 7th Heaven Dead Sea Peel-Off face mask, so I was hoping this would better.  My first impressions was flooded with overwhelming perfume smell.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to smell good, but it’s just too much!  It wasn’t as strong as the Dead Sea Peel-Off, but it was still pretty strong.

The color of the mask is hard to see on my face, but it looks just like Mountion Due.  It went on just like every other peel-off mask I’ve tried.  I ended up having some extras so I added the extras under my chin.  

As I was looking at the packaging closer while waiting for it to dry I noticed something I really liked.  The back of the package lists ingredients and it outlines what is natural and what is man made, I love this because it helps me understand more about what is in my beauty products.  Looking back, the Dead Sea mask also had the same on the back.

The mask peeled off really easily, but it didn’t leave my face as nice/clean as I liked.  This is yet another mask that I will not purchase again.  

I have one more face mask that I’ve already purchased that I’m excited to try.  It’s another Freeman one, and it’s looking like that’s the brand (of the two) that I’m preferring at the moment.


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