Health Update – Working around Work

I’m running out of scheduled posts and thought it was a good time for a health update.  One of the most challenging things for any working parent is finding time to work out.  If you are lucky enough to have an employer that has a gym I hope your taking advantage of it!

I started at a new job a month ago, and they have an awesome gym in the building.  Having the gym in the actual building you work in helps a lot in the motivation to workout, you don’t need to walk outside in cold/rainy/snowy weather.  I’ve read that it takes at least 21 days to stick to a new habit, more depending on the type of habit including new activities like working out.  I can defantly see where that is true.  Being a month in on working out almost every day, I’ve really noticed a difference this past week.  

When I went to workout it was always just something I knew I needed to do, but this past week it’s turned more into something I’m actually looking forward to.  It does help that I put my workout clothing on in the morning, gives me one less excuse if I’m just not feeling it.

A concern many have (and I had at first), was that it would be weird working out with co-workers and executives.  I have to admit this was a pretty big concern, but after thinking about it and after the first time it just doesn’t bother me.  In fact, I think it’s a huge positive!  The other co-workers and executives see you working hard to improve yourself, they see the dedication you make to get stronger.  You also learn a lot from the others working out, and in some cases build new relationships.  

I’m going to switch gears and dive into a related topic, Standing Desks.  You may be wondering how standing desks are related to a workout room, it’s all health related! 

Standing desks have been around for a while, about ten years ago a co-worker had gotten a standing desk.  I thought he was crazy!  How on earth can someone just stand in front of a computer all day?  Treadmill desks I totally understood because your moving, but standing desks where you just stand there?  At my last company more and more people started to use them, I couldn’t help but wonder why.  Then when I started at my current place one of the benefits they mentioned was that everyone had a standing desk!  

Since having my gallbladder out I’ve adapted the motto to try everything I’m given the opportunity to.  I’ve felt like I’ve been given a second chance, not that I was close to death but when you have a drastic change in health overnight it really does feel like you were given another chance.  After two weeks I finally decided it was time to give the standing desk a chance.

The first time or two it was weird and different, but not bad.  After a while I really started to like it a lot.  I think working out has helped make it so I feel comfortable standing longer.  I also really like listening to music and moving along to the rhythm.  I’m at the point where I use the standing desk for 6-7 hours a day, but that does depend on the shoes I wear.  The one thing using a standing desk has made me re-think a little is my shoe choice.  I LOVE heals, and I do have a few pair that are pretty comfortable.   I’ll defantly be on the hunt for heals with the best support.

Working out and using a Standing Desk has helped a lot with my overall health.  My lower body in general has gotten pretty fit, I have a lot of energy after work, and it’s nice to be productive while taking care of your health.

If your company has a gym or standing desk, I really hope your taking advantage of it!  


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