The Balm Cabana Boy Review

If there is one thing I love about my IPSY subscription, it’s that I love to find new brands and products.  One of my all time favoriates from my IPSY subscription is The Balm Cabana Boy blush.  I received the Cabana Boy in my October 2016 bag.  It’s a beautiful shade of pink and goes well with pretty much anything! 

I know it’s one of the smaller sample sizes but I’m amazed at how long it’s been lasting!  I’ve been using the sample size at least three times a week for the last several months and I still have several uses left.  But It was starting to run low so it was time to ensure I didn’t go without my Cabana Boy!  I thought it would be cool to get side by side pictures of the sample and full size.  

The packaging for all of the Balm products are just too cute to resist!  The names they pick for the products are also pretty awesome.  I like that it goes on really well and has a little bit of a matte finish, so it doen’t add extra sparkle to my face making it perfect for everyday.  

If your looking for a good darker pink blush, you should defantly give Cabana Boy a try.

It also makes an amazing shadow!  I’ve started using the full size for blush only and my sample for eye’s, it’s working out pretty awesome!  I’ll add some of the highlighter on the upper part of my eye first, then Cabana Boy, for a fresh mild look.


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