IPSY May 2017 Reveal

It’s that time again, I’m SO excited to find out what I’m getting in my IPSY bag! I have a lot of mixed feelings about this bag. Latley they have been right on for me, but this months bag is just OK. Before I dive into what I’m getting I want to say, if you have IPSY be sure to review your items. I’ve found the more I review the better the bag I get. This is a small exception, but with what they offer I don’t expect a perfect bag every month. Just in case, I did review and update my beauty profile, I didn’t change much.

The bag itself is not something I plan on using. This is the first bag that I will be giving up to one of my little ones. It’s not the look, but the fact that it’s see through. Some people really like that, but for me, it’s just not my thing. I do love that they are doing lots of neat things with bags, it’s always exciting to see what’s next.

Allright, onto the good stuff! This months highlights are the brush and the eye shadow. I’ve had enough lipstick and highlighters for a few months.  Looking at all of the options this month I would love loved to try a mascara or the Pomegranate herbal body moisturizer. 

  • Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matt Lipstick (This looks full size but I can’t verify, Full size is $13) – I’ve had enough with lipsticks for now, If it was a lip gloss I would be in heaven! Even if it is a good one, I’ll give it low ratings because I need a break.  I also prefer lip gloss over actual lipstick.  
  • PEEK Beauty Metalimatte in A-Boo (Mini Size Estimated cost $6.25/ Mini set is $25 for 4) – This is the one item in the bag that I would never pick up but find interesting. I’m really excited to try this, but I don’t know what to expect. I tend to have an oily face so I’m not sure what to think of a non-powder blush. I guess I will find out soon! It’s items like this that make IPSY exciting!
  • Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin (Sample Size 2.4 g – Value: $9.18 / Full Size: $26 for 6.8 g / .23 oz) – This is a huge pass for me. I don’t think I’ve given my highlighters a high rating, but this will get a one star because I’m just not a fan of highlighters in general. The only real use I have for highlighters is using them as eyeshadow.  I do have a post in the works to review highlighters, so that will be on hold until I can add this to the mix! 
  • Jelly Pong Pong Supercharged Super Intense Eyeshadow Duo in Electric (This is full size Full size: $22.95 for 2g / .07 oz) – This is one item I’m the most excited for! I’m in desperate need of trying out more eye shadows (that aren’t highlighters). I love that this is two different colors, and both of the colors go with just about anything. My only disappointment is I would love to see more colors other than the silver/Highlighter color, pink, and bronze. This will get a good rating just because I want to see more eye shadows.
  • Royal & Langnickel MODA Precision Angled (I can’t find the exact brush, assuming $6 based on similar products) – Yes, I love brushes! This isn’t as awesome as my Luxie brushes, but it’s still a good brush brand.  I do really enjoy my Royal & Langnickel eyeshadow brush.  I looked online and I couldn’t find this exact brush. This will be my fourth bag in a row where I’ve received a brush, and I’ve received six brushes so far!  I’m excited to give this one a try. I was concerned that my Luxie foundation brush wouldn’t get used, but I love it with my bronzer. So anyone getting the Luxie brush enjoy because it’s awesome!

Estimated cost of bag $57.38, not too bad for value.  Once I have a chance to dive further into actual cost the value may change.  It is exciting getting three full size products. 


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