Summer Shoes!

Summer shoes are always my favoriate, I love sandals and anything open toe, my feet like to breathe!  Finding shoes that are comfortable, cute, and not too expensive can be a chore.  It seems I find something about every ten times I go out looking.  Well this shopping trip was a huge success!  I found four awesome shoes at Payless.  I know some people aren’t a fan because Payless tends to be cheap so the shoes must be cheap too.  I find that it can be true, but I’ve found some of my favoriate shoes at Payless.  My main goal was to find another pair of black shoes and a pair of gym shoes to leave at work.  Luck was on my side, it was BOGO!

I looked at about a dozen shoe stores trying to find a good pair of comfortable gym shoes and I finally found the best pair!  It has good support for me, but is flexible and great for the treadmill.  And it’s bright pink!

I wear black sandles almost daily, the same pair for a few years now.  I love these, they are really comfortable!  The only thing that was a little annoying is the mesh was not finished well around the edges. I used a small scissors to trip the little plastic pieces that stuck out.  Outside of that minor (fixable) issue, they are really comfortable!

The blue flats were a must get for me.  I don’t wear flats often but these are really nice!  I picked up an orange pair about a year ago on clearance for $5, I figured it was worth trying out.  I wear those all the time when I’m looking for a nice slip on flat.  Finding the blue pair was a huge hit because it will go with more.  My orange pair has gotten pretty dirty many times, they hold up really well in the wash.

Finally, every summer I’m always in need of a new pair of flat sandals that I can bring to the beach or camping.  I love the toe piece and find them really comfortable.  


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