Happy Mothers Day!

Today is Mothers Day, a day that is set aside each year to thank all of the mothers in our lives.  Nine years ago was the first year I was able to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mother myself.  It’s always entertaining reading the articles and posts people have written about being a mother, the one thing they all have in common is it’s always about how much life changed.  As you read those articles you can’t help but think of the challenging times of the past, but the truth about today (in my eyes) is about the best – not the worst.  

Sure, kids are always challenging.  My kids are the creative type; you know – the ones that are creatively distructive.  The kids that shove coins in memory slots, only to short out and kill the computers (yes, multiple because who doesn’t love putting coins in memory slots?).  The kids that think the treadmill is a Judebox and shove CD’s in every possible opening, seariously we all just love to dance to some music while we work out right?  The kids that can pull a screwdriver out of thin air, only to remove every possible screw in the house – it’s all about STEM right?  The kids that are so hungry they eat popsicles for breackfast and at 14 months you find them on the top of the fridge grabbing the cereal box just because they can – the next Ninja Warrior?  The kids that will convince strangers to give them food – becuase it’s not like they ate 5 minutes ago.  I know there’s more, there always is, and the list will always continue to grow.

Mother’s Day is not just about the fun challenges along the way, it’s also about those moments that truly make being a mom worth it.  Those days when you are working (or gone for more than a few hours), and a stampede of minions welcome you home with smiles, hugs, and kisses.  The days when you are working on your hobby and they sit next to you with those big eyes; you know the ones that don’t care what your are doing, the ones that just want to be with you.  When you head out on a work trip and come home to the most adorable “I missed you” cards.  The days when one kid is just not doing what they need to, and are mad at you, and the other kid tells you “Mom, you are the best mom, I love you!”.  Every night, when you put the kids to bed, they and they tell you to only have good dreams. Those days when you go to a fancy restaurant for three hours and strangers stop you and say how amazed they were to see such well behaved kids.  The day after you had surgery and the kids want to see your battle wounds, only to be so amazed and proud of how strong you are.  It’s that moment when you talk to your parents are realize that your kid(s) pulled the same silly stuff you did as a kid, and because of that you see the same traits you know that will make them amazing people someday.  

Every family and every kid will provide a new challenge, being a mom is challenging but the rewards are defantly worth it.  Don’t forget to take a few minutes to thank those who played a “mom” role in your life, give them a big hug and make sure they know you are who you are because of them.


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