Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Review

I was really excited when I received the email stating I would receive a sample of the new Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Oil-Free Loation Sunscreen, Weightless Face feels as if it’s barely on.  It’s SPF 30 with 12 hour moisturization UVA & UVB protection that won’t clog pores.  I received a 1.7 oz sample and my first impressions are pretty positive!  It says to reapply at least every 2 hours or 80 minutes with swimming or sweating.  If swimming in salt water always re-apply immediately!  A few years back I learned the hard way that regardless of the sunscreen, salt water will wash it off.

To be 100% clear – I did not buy this, it was sent to me for free by a Croudtap sample product.  This review is 100% my own opinion of the product.  If you haven’t heard of Croudtap, it’s a website where you can answer questions and surveys and receive amazon gift cards and ,from time to time, free samples.  The thing with the Samples is you need to apply early and expect to not get into everyone, I’ve only gotten into about 1 in 7.  I typically check every day if there are new samples because lets face it, getting free samples is pretty awesome!

I love the container it comes in, it’s a nice pump and a perferct size to toss into a purse.  I loved that it says it’s oil-free, I naturally have an oily face so finding a sunscreen that works for my face type is always a challenge.  When I first rubbed some on my hand to test it did have a little bit of the oily texture, but more so like a hand location. Once the sunscreen finished absorbing into my skin it was left oil-free and soft!  The smell is also awesome, a bit of coconut and that amazing summer smell.

My oldest and I gave this a try over the weekend, he biked and I rollerbladed along with him. I wanted to test out how well it works when I sweat and I was really impressed!  It went on really nice, when I sweat my face didn’t feel greasy like other brands. 

When it comes to sunscreen I’m always more concerned about protecting my kids, I guess that’s the mom in me. Finding a sunscreen that my kids are excited to use is #1 in my book, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Oil-Free Loation Sunscreen defiantly passed!  My son loved the smell and wanted to keep reapplying!

Overall I give the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Oil-Free Loation Sunscreen an A+. I will defiantly continue to replace this and keep one in my purse all summer!  I’m sure you will see this again in a future favoriates post.  Here is a selfie of my son and I after a 5+ mile bike/rollerblade adventure while using this amazing sunscreen!


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