Highlighters Review

I’ve finally received two three highlighters/eye shadows so I’m excited to give a review.  Unlike my bronzer review, these products are totally different.  This post was in the process of being scheduled when I found out I’m getting another highlighter in my May IPSY bag.  My bag has arrived and I’m really excited to review the different highlighters.

I will start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of highlighters.  I haen’t figured out how to use them to look natural or use them in a way that my face doesn’t look like a disco ball.  I do like the highlighters as eyeshadows, so in general they will get used, but slowly.

OFRA Cosmetics Highlighter was the first highlighter that I received in my December 2016 IPSY bag.  That has given me some time to try this one out more than the others.  The shimmer in this is just TOO much for everyday wear, which is 99% of my typical makeup use.  It does work great for an eye shadow but that’s about it for me.  And even for an eye shadow I just don’t find myself wearing it too often.  It has a pink under color that doesn’t go the best with some of my other makeup.  Of the three, this is my least favoriate.  

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Glow was in my April 2017 IPSY bag.  After using my OFRA highlighter this was the product I was least excited about.  I decided the first use would be for eyeshadow and after actual trying this out I’ve marked this as eye shadow only due to the disco ball aspect.  It transfers to the brush better than any product I’ve ever used before, which I do love, it’s just so sparkly.  I really only need to put it on the brush once per eye for full coverage.  This too has a LOT of sparkle (is it too much to compare it to a disco ball? LOL), more so than the OFERA highlighter.  Over the past few weeks I have found myself using this almost daily as an eyeshadow along with my Cabana Boy eyeshadow/blush.  I really like the extra pop it adds to my eyes, this will defantly continue to be used as an eyeshadow.  I’m not sure I will replace this once it’s gone, but it’s pretty awesome for an eyeshadow.

Urban Decay Afterglow in Sin was in my May 2017 IPSY bag.  This is a lot like the Show Me Your Glow, they have the same base color and both look very similar.  I think this compares really well with the Show Me Your Glow, they are both great products.  This does have the same white base tone that goes great with everything.  Between this and my Show Me Your Glow I will have enough of this color for eyeshadow to last a year or two easily.  For a highlighter that has some extra shine, both would work great.  

Highlighters are all very light in color and difficult to get a good picture.  Using the brush to try and show the colors just didn’t work the best so I used my fingers to try and get a darker coverage. I must say the Show Me Your Glow has the best creamy texture, followed by Urban Decay Afterglow being similar (but not as good), and the OFRA was just OK.  Show Me Your Glow goes on with the least amount of effort, it also looks like it has larger specks of the sparkle.  The Urban Decay Afterglow goes on thinner so it’s easy to control their amount of product you want, the specks also seem a bit smaller.  If I use one as a highlighter it would probably be the Urban Decay Afterglow.  Do you have a favoriate highlighter?  Do you use a highlighter for highlighting or eyeshadow only?


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