IPSY June 2017 Reveal

The fifth of every month has started to become a day I look forward to, I always love seeing what will be in my IPSY bag. This month I was really hoping for some awesome new products, and it did not disappoint. 

The bag itself is just OK.  I know I said that about last month’s bog too…and guess what, last months bag ended up as my travel brush bag!  I’m still not in love with it, but if I get another bag with the same physical style I will switch out. I love when a bag opens up further. This months bag looks to be the same style as most of the bags, but it does have a cute zipper pull. 

  • NYX Professional Makeup Whipped Lip &a Cheek Soufflé – when I saw the list of products that you will receive one of, I just knew I would get this in my bag. It’s yet another lip product but it says it can go on your cheeks too, although I do stick to powder for my cheeks I will give this a fair try. 

  • Skin ICELAND Glacial Face Wash with White Willow Bark – I’m always looking for the next hot face wash and it’s nice to get more than just makeup every month. This should be nice to try out, I’m excited to do a little searching on this product…but not until I get this posted. 

  • The Balm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush – thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I was REALLY hoping for at least one of the Balm products, but I really wanted both!  I’m so in love with the first blush from the Balm I actually recently purchased the full size. I also find it funny how everyone seems to be complaining about the Balm sample sizes, I vender had an issue getting my blush brush to work in the small sample sizes, and thanks to its amazing super pigments it lasted a long time. I for one am very excited about this!  The Balm is one of my favoriate brands!

  • DOUCCE Maxlash Volumizer Mascara – I couldn’t believe it!  I’ve been wanting to get another Mascara in my bag for months, I really hope I like this one, I’m on the hunt for the perfect Mascara. 

  • Luna By Luna Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Jace – I’m excited for an eyeshadow, but I would love a non-pink shadow. This does look like it will be a great “base shade” as IPSY states, so that’s nice. I also like that for the color it’s Matte finish.

I’m really excited about my June IPSY bag, time to start obsessively checking the Glam Bag Tracking…it’s still In Warehouse. 


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