Darling VoxBox Nature’s Bounty Energy Gummies Review

This review is for a product that I received for free from Influenster to test in the Darling VoxBox.  I may have received the product for free, but all of my comments and reviews are 100% my own and 100% honest.

Who doesn’t need a little extra energy sometimes?  I now I’m super excited for an energy boost (not that I actually NEED one…but it’s still nice!).  This is the one product I was the most excited for, I love energy drinks and energy gummies just seemed like something I had to try.

I will admit, they were SO good I didn’t want to share…but I was nice and I’ve shared them with friends and family.  They are watermelon flavored and taste so good.  I don’t always feel anything from energy drinks, I just like how they taste, and I felt that these were about the same for me.  I do take two before my morning workouts and I’m not sure if I’m feeling better from getting healthy or if they really do help get me started, either way I really like them.

My friends and family that have tried them out have all liked them a lot and were excited to try them.  One told me that they liked them better than energy drinks because they felt like it gave them the extra energy without the crash after.

I will say that the Energy Gummies have held up to the expectations, I love them, I will buy them again, and I would definitely recommend them!


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