Darling VoxBox Duncan Hines Chocolate Lovers Cake Review

This review is for a product that I received for free from Influenster to test in the Darling VoxBox. I may have received the product for free, but all of my comments and reviews are 100% my own and 100% honest.

I was really excited to try the Duncan Hines -perfect size for 1 – Chocolate Lover’s Cake because I’ve been doing cake and cookies in a mug for years!  Mine in the past were always the DYI ones I would find on Pinterest or learn from family/friends. I must admit 99% of the time when I make them I don’t actually cook them, or I will cook for 5-10 seconds – just enough to warm it up a bit. For this sample I did want to cook it for a good overall comparison. The instructions have you cook it for 70 seconds, I opted to cook for 45 seconds. I’m really glad I didn’t cook it the full time because it was cooked perferct, although it was almost over cooked in my mind since it didn’t have some uncooked batter in the middle. 

I was really impressed that it came out much better than many of the other DYI examples. If I’m looking to actually cook my cake, I would defantly buy more. BUT, if I’m looking for cake batter I will stick with mixing half angel food and half chocolate cake mix. 


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