Darling VoxBox Surf’s Up Texture Spray Review

This review is for a product that I received for free from Influenster to test in the Darling VoxBox.  I may have received the product for free, but all of my comments and reviews are 100% my own and 100% honest.

This review will hopefully prove that the above statement really is true.  I was really excited to give the eva-nyc Surf’s Up Texture Spray a try.  WAS is the key word here.  This product is the one thing in the box I will not use again and never buy.  It was not HORRIBLE, so instead of just tossing it a lucky friend may just end up with a new hair product.

My hair is wavy and a few inches past my shoulders.  With the right products it can have some nice wave to it and most days I don’t need to do much to have a “good” hair day.  I also don’t really use products on my hair outside of things to help keep it healthy.

I’ll start with the good.  This smelled really nice and is a nice inbetween of a hair spray and who knows what.  It’s not as strong as a hairspray but it helps keep the look in place, so with the right hair type and right style it would work great.

With the description it sounded like it would be something that may actually work with my hair type.  If it talks about beach waves I would expect it to help with wavy hair and maybe be similar to some of the other “beach waves” products out there.  This did NOT deliver on beach waves unless by “beach waves” it means wind blown hair so tangly you feel like you lost half your hair just washing it out.

I feel like I put on hair spray while driving with the windows down on the interstate.  Anyone with long hair knows it’s best to put hair up or protect it from the wind when driving with the windows down or you will end up with a rat’s nest.  It also dried out my hair really bad.  I didn’t have time to take another shower after using this so I ended up putting my hair up.

Since I don’t really use products like this much, maybe I used it wrong?  Either way, it’s not easy to use and it definitely didn’t give me the promised beach waves.  I hope someone else will enjoy this more than I have.


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