The Balm Eyeshadow Stick Review

I was SO excited when I stopped at Nordstrom Rack and found some The Balm products at a discount.  I seriously felt like I won the lottery!  I had been wanting to try some of The Balm Palettes, now I was able to get two plus an eyeshadow stick for a pretty awesome price!  The Balm is a brand I was introduced to through IPSY, they have my all time favorite blush.  The products are great and the packaging is just way too cute!

I have seen the Eyeshadow sticks but I haven’t really found the right one to test out until now.  I had several different colors to pick from, I decided to stick with Moonshot because it was a little lighter and a color I knew I would use a lot.  I gave it a quick try when I got home and fell in love!  I had one of those moments of regret, and somehow ended up back at the store the next day to get the rest.  I have seven total, but two are duplicates of my two favorite colors.

They go on so soft and smooth, like putting liquid Silk on your eyelids. They dry pretty quick and won’t wash off with just water. Below is my first test of the Moonshot, when I had that WOW why didn’t I buy more moment.

The next day I looked so hard to find as many different ones as possible. I found five different ones but ended up with two of the Moonshot and shoutout. I always like a good metallic pinkish color and lately I’ve been looking for the correct gold to go with some outfits I wear frequently. I’m beyond excited to wear these over the next few weeks. I’m going to have this post scheduled so hopefully I’ll add more pics before it goes live!

Here are a few looks using the amazing Batter Up eyeshadow stick.  I was so excited to try the Shutout first, I love how well the gold effortlessly covered the eyelid. Not the best hair day but my eyelids looked awesome!  It’s hard to tell but the gold in the Jelly Pong Pong eyeshadow went amazing with this stick and added a lot. 


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