Life is Busy…Summer is here?

I haven’t posted in a little bit and I don’t have any posts in the backlog. I’m still here, just a bit more busy than normal.

June is always a busy month, but with taking time to focus on health and life in general I think my free time will dwindle more than normal. The good news is I’m still loosing weight and getting in shape. I even had an opportunity to work out with a personal trainer last week (thanks to an “in” from an awesome friend at work).  

The best part about the last month (as it relates to my health) was going shopping and not only finding clothing that fits (and looks great) and finding I’m fitting sizes smaller than I’ve worn in years!  

I have also gotten involved in model aircrafts to get out and enjoy the weather. I love photography and started with a quadcopter (Phantom 4). I’ve really enjoyed flying year round and watching how quickly my oldest picks it up.  We just added a trainer airplane in the mix, hopefully we will spend many more hours at the airfield. 

I do have a few more posts in the works, but I just need more time in the day. In the short term enjoy some of my favorite pictures (taken by me) of the model Air Show from this past weekend. 


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