August 2017 IPSY Reveal

It has been a really busy (but awesome) past few months.  It's summer and life in general has been pretty busy.  With improved health I've been spending a lot of time living life and un-plugging.  I will continue to post, but you may not see too many posts for the next few months.

I realize I haven't done my July IPSY review, but today is the August Reveal!  Let's take a look at what I'll be getting this month!

The bag looks awesome!  I REALLY want the Wild & Free one (so of course I won't get it)!

Vitamasques Yoghurt Mask Duo (Full Size $3.90 * 2 = $7.80 (or £5.98)) -  I Love face masks, but I always prefer the peel off ones.  This is one that I'm kinda bummed about (since it's not peel off), but I'm also really excited to give it a try.

Crown Brush SS035 – Medium Face Contour Brush (Full Size $6.99) – Brushes are awesome – ALWAYS.  I really want a second set of brushes so I can keep a set in my locker at work and this brush makes me really close to being able to do that!  I have had a Crown Brush before and it's pretty good, but not as good as my Luxie brushes!

Winky Lux Peeper Perfect Concealer in Medium (I can't find this online?) – I don't really wear concealer, and I do have one already that works pretty good when I do use it.  It will be nice to give this a try.  If I like this product it will be one of those I only use every now and then.  I do love my last Winky Lux product so I have somewhat high hopes.

Pacifica Cocanut Blush Duo (Full Size / $12?)  - I couldn't find this online but it looks like it's full size.  Full size on Ultra was showing .05 oz (I think it's a typo because that's 1.4 g and the size in IPSY shows 14 g).  I love blush, and some of my last Pacifica items were pretty decent.  I'm excited to give the colors a try, it's really nice to start getting blush!

theBalm Cosmetics theBalm Voyage Vol. 2 Eyeshadow in Willkommen or Kuwakaribisha (Sample $3) – I LOVE theBalm so this is exciting!  The sample sizes are pretty small and I'm not really sure how to price this one because it's part of a larger palette so I'm just going to guess at the $3 mark.  I do use my theBalm Voyage palette all the time!  The palette is pretty big so I don't really have a need for an extra, so a lucky friend will be getting this sample!

Overall this is just an OK bag, but after looking at what is offered this month I'm feeling a little better about my bag.  I'm really glad I didn't get any sheet masks and the brush I'm getting is the one I would have wanted.  I do wish I would get more Hey Honey or any of the other face washes.


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